Various Artists

: 21.08.2020
Format: CD / digital
Label: Progress Productions

Info: PROCD100 is surely the most ambitious work released, to date, from Swedish label Progress Productions. Consisting of 45 tracks and 45 acts with previously unreleased and new material from acts such as Agent Side Grinder, Henric de la Cour, Cryo, Spark!, Code 64 and many more.
Progress Productions started the work on this release already in September 2019 and all bands have made a HUGE effort in putting this 3CD release together. Everything you know about Swedish electronic quality is here. The best EBM/Industrial/Synthpop etc. you name it and this compilation really has it ALL and more.
The weird thing about this compilation is that itäs released in a time where almost all bands have been in total isolation. No live shows, no rehearsals, no nothing and still they have managed, by in many cases sending material to each other back and forth, to finish this release.
PROCD100 is not your average compilation. It's so much more. This is 45 bands really expressing their love for what unites us even though we need to practice social distancing: THE LOVE FOR MUSIC. With PROCD100 we mark the end of the first 100 CD releases of Progress Productions and look forward to the future with the next coming 100.
A MILESTONE IN MODERN DAY ELECTRONIC MUSIC IS HERE! This is really a MUST in any record collection.

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