rhys fulber interview 2019
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30 years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. Two German worlds collided, which, after the Second World War, had developed into two opposing economical and political directions. The social after-effects and relicts of a culture that vanished widely with the Wende can still be found today, mostly in the east of the German capital. At the same time, the number of people who are looking back at this lost state longingly – despite all the injustices – seems to be increasing: Ostalgia, this phenomenon is called.

Portion Control interview 2019
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With their unconventional electronic music, they left their permanent imprint on early and mid 80s, their influence reached from UK to North America, where they brought acts such as Skinny Puppy or Nine Inch Nails on the right musical track: Portion Control are undoubtedly one of the most important pioneers of EBM and Industrial. After their temporary break-up in 1987, John Whybrew and Dean Piavanni reunited in 2002 and,

Actors Jason Corbett interview
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Actors in Europe: the Canadians are on the road since end of August, playing in clubs and on festival stages. End Of Summer Tour their journey is called accordingly, packed with gigs all over the continent – which might seem strenuous for Europeans but for the four Post-Punk-Wavers it’s a great pleasure. In Deutzen, Germany, they almost fell from their van onto the stage, where they delivered on point. As they left the stage right after their gig, we grabbed frontman Jason for a quick chat.

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Empirion have just done the very thing many influential electronic bands which had their biggest successes in the 80s and 90s shy away from: producing and releasing a new album. An advantage of the duo Oz Morsley and Jamie Smart from Essex, UK, has always been the fact that even as they released their first album Advanced Technology, they were operating out-of-line already. Neither fish (EBM), nor fowl (Techno) – an edgy, well-bred hybrid in a nearly unoccupied niche.

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Mishaps, difficulties, and setbacks: the tour start of the US outfit 3TEETH could have run much smoother. A near-arrest, a drummer with a broken leg, a cancelled gig, technical problems – things could not have been worse. But also hardly more exciting. Being on the road as support for Ministry automatically means that the journey – taking place in parallel to the release of the third studio album Metawar – will by far outshine any adventure holiday. The shooting stars of the Industrial Metal scene will never forget their tour through Europe, that’s for sure. We sat down with frontman Alexis Mincolla right after their show in Oberhausen on July 9th

Agent Side Grinder
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For not a few bands, the loss of the singer inevitably means the end of the career. When Kristoffer Grip announced his departure from Agent Side Grinder in early 2018 – as he lacked the time needed for a band, as it was officially stated – the shock was correspondingly great: for Johan Lange and Peter Fristedt, who had to digest the departure of Thobias Eidevald (bass) and Henrik Sunbring (synths) at the same time, just as for a part of the fans, who lacked the necessary imagination for an adequate replacement. Too strong was the personality of the great charismatic Grip, too expressive his voice, which seemed to simply perfect the music of Agent Side Grinder and was rightly put on par with Ian Curtis’.

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