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Actors in Europe: the Canadians are on the road since end of August, playing in clubs and on festival stages. End Of Summer Tour their journey is called accordingly, packed with gigs all over the continent – which might seem strenuous for Europeans but for the four Post-Punk-Wavers it’s a great pleasure. In Deutzen, Germany, they almost fell from their van onto the stage, where they delivered on point. As they left the stage right after their gig, we grabbed frontman Jason for a quick chat.

What was your gig like?
It was nice! We drove from Warsaw today, that’s a lot of driving; I drove, it’s a little bit tiring, but we had some Red Bull. Daytime shows are always hard. It’s not as in a nightclub, it is bright, you’re looking people in the eye, but it was nice to see people singing along.

You drive the whole tour by car. Are you used to such routes as true Canadians?
It’s a van that we have, so it’s not too small. We carry most of our gear but we have backline everywhere we go which makes it a bit easier. We’re a little over halfway through it and I am finding it to be a little bit strenuous. This is the longest we’ve been out, over five weeks.

And right tomorrow, on Sunday, it will continue for you, to Stockholm.
Everyone’s confused. In every city we’re in everyone says something like “Oh, that will be 15 hours” – and then it’ll be ten. Or twelve. So everyone exaggerates. I don’t know why.

So in this respect you are pretty relaxed.
I mean, we don’t play tomorrow night, we play the day after tomorrow. So we have a day and a half.

Today you did not have time to acclimatise - you arrived just an hour before the gig from Warsaw, a pretty tight box. Did you get used to it by now?
Yeah. We gonna walk around a bit and have a bite to eat. See some friends.

You played some songs that are not on your album today.
No. We want to leave people wanting more.

Then let's talk about this "more" for a moment. What about the new Actors album?
People keep offering us shows. By the end of October we have played 140 shows in 17 months. So I am ready to finish the next record then.

And what about Leathers in this regard?
This is on the way as well. So heading into the fall 2020, we’ll have a new Leathers record and new Actors record as well. I am also working on the new Bootblacks album and the new Spectors record.

So hurry on then, people are looking forward to it!
Rely on it!

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Foto: Alexander Jung


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