Musicians and cats
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Musicians and their cats, cats and their musicians. A relationship of a special kind, led a thousand times. They are incredibly adorable, these tiny little partners, so clingy and endearing … mostly … at least: sometimes. But before giving one’s heart – be it a musician’s or not – away to a cat one should consider one fundamental thing: the cat is the boss, its human the minion. What is to be a binding ritual is determined by the cat. The exact point of time and duration as well.

henric de la cour interview 2020
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It’s only a few weeks ago but it seems like something from another life: in February, one could still travel around the world and hang out at crowded concerts unbiasedly. Many visitors are looking back at the E-Only Festival with its unique atmosphere glad- and wistfully for sure: it was one of the first events of the scene this year – and one of the last for the time being.

Phase Fatale Hayden Payne
Interview Phase Fatale -
Hayden Payne just released his second album under the moniker of Phase Fatale. With Scanning Backwards, the Berghain resident explores the ways in which music – and sub frequencies in particular – are used to influence thinking and synchronize emotions and behavior. The music draws on his background as both sound engineer and guitarist player. Payne, grown up in New York and living in Berlin for some years now, created a complex and dark mix of noise und heavy rhythms spiced with elements from Techno, EBM and Shoegaze.

agent side grinder inner noises video clip
Agent Side Grinder -
In April, the long-awaited first album of Agent Side Grinder in the new formation was released. On A/X, Emanuel Åström proved to be the fantastic new vocalist of a band that could easily write a number of other hit singles and catchy tunes. Right now and up until December, the Swedes are on an extensive tour through Europe with their fifth longplayer.

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